Resonances II 2017

Resonances II is a mix of debates, performances, conferences and an exhibition organized by EU Science Hub - Joint Research Centre, the European Commission's Science and Knowledge Service.

Engaging with the public will be of primary importance. People will have the possibility to engage in a participatory project on fairness, where the members of the public are invited, in a playful manner, to contribute with their insights, concerns and expectations with regards to the theme of fairness and how these may change with this exhibition. Through an App containing a series of sliders, visitors will be able to indicate their perspectives for each installation, as well as at the beginning and end of the exhibition. They can so become part of the vast research project on Fairness that the JRC will undertake in the coming years, of which report and exhibition are only the first steps.

Other elements for engagement contemplated are a Hopscotch Fairness game for children, Fairness Labs where children can learn a fairness song, and Fairness Salons, where JRC Scientists and invitees dialogue with the public each weekend.
Through the multifaceted prism of fairness, the exhibition presents a platform for discussion, where contrasting information, subjective viewpoints and scientific de-limitation intends to stimulate and interrogate, provoke and unbalance, giving partial answers always opening to new questions, all starting from the findings of the report. Fairness becomes the sea of life, the kaleidoscope of viewpoints, the fragments of modernity recomposed in temporary mosaics of fleeting meaning. Any visitor can and will construct his own views, partial as any of the exhibits, and confront the absences in the exposed objects with his ideas, interacting with the installations and volunteering in a randomized collection of data for further studies on fairness, participating in first person to science and to art.